Airsoft Game Rules

Game Rules

  • All games are organized and officiated by a referee or designated official. These officials are to be respected.
  • Barrel Covers are to be on when entering staging area after games. A paintball barrel cover (can be purchased here) must be on gun and remain on gun in staging unless the following is disconnected, removed, or void:
        1) Magazines and bolts (if applicable)
        2) Bb's
        3) Gas is removed or void
        4) Safety on
        5) Electronics disconnected
  • Paintball safety goggles must be on before leaving staging area onto field and are not to be removed until back in the staging area. Seal must remain on face at all times (100%).
  • If you are hit anywhere, including any equipment, during game play, you are out.
  • All players are asked to have a red shop rag or other brightly colored marker or brightly colored barrel cover to put on when you are out. Once it is safe to move, place a barrel cover on your weapon and move to the regeneration/hospital or staging area as designated by type of game. It is advisable to keep your gun up. Remember, dead players don't talk, move or provide info/intelligence in any way.
  • Airsoft is a game of honor, and as players we must take faith in the fact that other players will play honestly and call themselves out when hit. Please alert the referee of the specific person suspected of cheating.
  • If you are 20 feet or closer to an opposing player or players, you must offer them surrender. Yell "SURRENDER" If they say "I surrender", they are out. If they make any move as to engage in battle, after your offer, you may shoot them. Aim for equipment if possible to minimize injury. The moment opponent(s) or you are hit, stop shooting. Surrendering is optional for the receiving player and they may shoot at any time upon aggression provided the aggressor has knowledge of their presence. SURRENDER RULE DOES NOT APPLY INSIDE A BUILDING. Caution: Do not enter buildings if this is not for you.
  • You cannot "fake" being dead.
  • "Barrel Tagging" is also a legal way of getting someone out. If you get within arm's reach of someone, don't shoot them, tag them instead. A tag is as good as a hit. Anyone tagged is out. It's also known as a knife kill.
  • You must carry all of your ammo, and propellant gas on your person with you into the game. Unless designated in game briefing as a regeneration game, returning to a staging area after game begins is considered calling yourself out.
  • "Cease Fire" (or a horn or whistle after game begins) is the code to stop all play immediately. It may be the end of game or an emergency situation. Please stop play, make gun safe (including barrel cover) and stay in your position (if emergency) in case game resumes. Play will resume when an organizer blows the whistle, horn, or calls “game on”. If it is the end of the game, no additional firing of weapons is allowed.

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