Airsoft Equipment Rules

Equipment Rules

  • Only the use of Industry-approved Paintball manufactured fully-sealing, full face, non-modified goggles are acceptable. No exceptions! Eye protection is absolutely required at all times while on the field or chronograph range. Put on mask BEFORE entering these areas. Seal must remain on face at all times even when game is over. If your eye protection is removed while in these areas, disciplinary action will be taken. We take your safety very seriously.
  • AT ALL TIMES, ALL AIRSOFT WEAPONS MUST BE TREATED AS IF THEY ARE REAL FIREARMS. All guests must transport their guns in a safe manner. Specifically, your gun must be carried in a soft or hard shell case suitable for real firearms until you are in Staging.
  • A paintball barrel cover (can be purchased here) must be on gun and remain on gun in staging unless the following is disconnected, removed, or void:
  • 1) Magazines and bolts (if applicable)
  • 2) Bb's
  • 3) Gas is removed or void
  • 4) Safety on
  • 5) Electronics disconnected

  • There must be a barrel cover for each airsoft weapon taken from cases.  
  • All airsoft weapons must have trigger guards. All regulated airsoft weapons, i.e. Polarstar, using high pressure air source, should have a tournament lock to prohibit adjusting pressures on the play field.
  • No firing allowed in any areas other than fields of play or chronograph area. Handle your weapon as if it is always loaded. Never point it at anything you don't want to harm. There are no exceptions.
  • FPS (feet per second) limits will be strictly enforced. All airsoft weapons to be used will be checked and tagged prior to the beginning of the first game using our biodegradable .20 gram bbs, with the Hop-up turned off, in your magazine. Sniper airsoft weapons will then have a color coded zip tag attached to it, classifying the weapon. Players may also be chosen at random for a chronograph spot check. Specific rules for all airsoft weapons follow. UNREGULATED gas powered airsoft replicas (excluding pistols) are not permitted for play; they have too much volatility when not kept in check with the proper regulator. AT NO TIME SHALL SPEED REDUCERS BE ALLOWED to decrease any gun's fps to fall under fps limits. Any modifications made to your airsoft weapon after being chronographed found to increase your FPS is a violation.
  • All airsoft weapons except "snipers" and pistols will be set to a field max of 400 FPS using .20 BB's. Note: Heavier gram BBs may be used during games. Rate of fire must not exceed 20 balls per second.
  • All pistols are considered backup weapons and are restricted to 350 FPS.
  • Sniper airsoft weapons must be semi (1 second interval between shots) or bolt action only. Sniper airsoft weapons may be set to a field max of 500 FPS, using .20 BB's, but no higher. These airsoft weapons must observe a 100-foot minimum shooting distance. Due to the extra speed on these airsoft sniper weapons, one infraction will result in loss of use of the weapon for the day, upon the second offense, permanently.
  • All new and modified guns on the field must pass a safety check by an official before it can be used on the field. We reserve the right to disallow any airsoft weapon without reason. Please notify staff.
  • Biodegradable BBs are mandatory. There are no exceptions.
  • No explosives or combustibles of any kind are allowed.
  • No other simulation weapons (i.e. grenades, mines) are allowed without prior approval. All "real steel" firearms, explosives, and bladed weapons are prohibited on entire facility.
  • A red shop rag or other brightly colored marker (i.e. barrel cover) to signify you are out is required unless you are using a bright colored barrel cover instead.

    Any violation of the above rules may result in immediate and possible permanent removal from the facility. No refunds will be issued.  

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