Airsoft at Paintball Command

This Basics

We have an airsoft play day once a month, usually the 3rd Sunday. The cost for entry is $15, good for all day. Biodegradable BB's, unaltered paintball mask, and barrel cover is required and are available for purchase. Masks will also be available to rent. Paintball play will still be played separately that day. Please read the rules below before coming!

General Rules

  • In order to participate in Airsoft at Paintball Command, you must be at least 10 years old.

  • All players are required to sign a waiver. Players under 18 years old must have their parent (or legal guardian) fill out a waiver.

  • No unauthorized equipment will be allowed including actual or replicas of knives, machetes, axes, hatchets or bayonets, etc.
  • No real weaponry is allowed on the field at any time. Players are not allowed to bring onto the playing field any equipment deemed to be unsafe or not appropriate by the field operator. Please ask if in doubt.

  • All guests must transport their guns in a safe manner. Specifically, your gun must be carried in a soft or hard shell case until you are in staging.

  • A paintball barrel cover (can be purchased here) must be on gun and remain on gun in staging unless the following is disconnected, removed, or void:
        1) Magazines and bolts (if applicable)
        2) Bb's
        3) Gas is removed or void
        4) Safety on
        5) Electronics disconnected

  • No firing in any areas other than fields of play or chronograph area. Handle your gun as it is always loaded. Never point it at anything you don't want to harm. There are no exceptions.
  • Any violation will result in immediate and permanent removal from the facility.
  • Only the use of Industry-approved Paintball manufactured fully-sealing, full face, non-modified masks are acceptable. No exceptions!

  • Please check in and pay fees BEFORE proceeding to the staging area.


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