Team Sponsorship

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Paintball Command is pleased to offer Team Sponsorship to new and existing local tournament and scenario teams

Sponsorship will help teams offset the expenses and costs involved with building a competitive team.  Sponsorship can include discounts with jerseys, gear, fills, field fees and more. We are not even worried about your win/loss record. We want to gather groups of players who have a positive attitude and represent our sport  and field positively. We want teams that play often, and anywhere they can.

Being part of the PBC Army

New teams just starting out will have the advantage of years of experience with teams already sponsored by Paintball Command.  Come and develop your team and skills while learning in a team friendly environment with experienced players all around to help you.  Having a high quality "home" field or base to return to will benefit your team in the long run.  Teams will make valuable contacts and meet lots of other players at Paintball Command.  If you are a player without a team, come out and meet the teams and players and maybe find a team you would like to play on or form your own.

How do I start a team sponsorship?

Once your team has a solid foundation of core members (5 or more), it’s time to get your name out there. Set mandatory and non-mandatory practices and/or playing time. It can be once a week, once a month, or once every other month. After playing as a team for a few months, write up a team biography then talk to us about setting up a mutually beneficial arrangement for discounts, such as field paint, entry, and air. In return for this, you offer to help with operations, tournaments and scenario events, field work days, and actively promoting the field.


In order to be taken seriously, you should create a team biography (like a resume) typed or printed , put in a folder. It should at least include the following:
1) Team Name (If you have a logo, include it)
2) Team Location (basic address)
3) Team’s Objective/Motto
4) Team Manager, if any
5) Team Captain
6) Team Roster (Roster should include each player’s name, age, years played, contact #)
7) Team Expectations (What will you do for the sponsors in return?)
8) Team Goals (What tournaments or scenarios will you be playing?)
9) Team Experience (What tournaments or scenarios have you played?)

Our Sponsored Teams

GangGreen is one of our premier teams. They started many years ago playing in their Westwego, LA neighborhood woods. After playing a scenario at Paintball Command, a relationship started and it wasn't long after a sponsorship was offered. They have done all sorts of tasks to help and promote our field. They have travelled and played at many fields. Visit their Facebook page.

Voodoo Krewe formed in 2015. The players on this team are a merge of  players from PBC Army,  SAS Paintball, and some Paintball Command referees. This team has some phenomenal players and are especially skilled with mag-fed and pump markers.

Flag Raiders is the oldest team in Louisiana. The founding members were field owners, field operators, and referees. When you watch them play, you can tell it's all about the love of the game.

Gulf Coast Killaz, originally formed in 2003, temporarily deactivated the team for a few years is back. Many of the members originated from players here at Paintball Cammand. This is an aggressive team, out to get the job done.

Psychopaths formed in 2016. This is a young team playing tournament style paintball. They already have some wins under there belt. Usually, they practice and scrimmage on Sunday mornings.

Shottas Elite became sponsored in 2016. This team played wherever they could in New Orleans. They came to Paintball Command to try out an organized field and really like the games we play and what our field offers.

Type 3, a sponsored team of Levena Paintball  gets some sponsorship here. Our teams get similar discounts when playing there.  Our home away from home. Type 3 is one of the largest scenario teams in the region and highly skilled in getting the job done.

Taskforce X became sponsored in late 2017. This team plays wherever they can and are here most weekends. They have already started traveling to other venues and will play a few out-of-state scenarios each year.




We are only sponsoring teams that can play at Paintball Command at this time. No out of state teams need apply. Thank you.

Am I experienced enough?

Varying sponsorships are available for teams of all skill levels. We work with all major Paintball brands, Empire, Gi Sportz, DYE, Eclipse, Valken and more to give you the full HOOK UP!

The Vision

As part of our family of sponsored teams, you will be involved in the growth and promotion of paintball in general. We believe this is integral to the survival of paintball in our own community and nationally.

Sponsorship levels

Team sponsorship levels vary from discounts on bulk purchases, paint discounts, Discounts on entry and air, etc.