Facility Rules

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  1. Only paintballs purchased from our facility can be used.
  2. Everyone must sign a WAIVER prior to playing at Paintball Command.
  3. You must follow all special instructions which the game organizer and the staff may give prior to each game.
  4. All signs posted must be obeyed.
  5. The velocity of the paint gun or airsoft gun must be adjusted, as necessary, to shoot below the posted maximum.
  6. Players must wear unaltered, industry approved paintball goggles.
  7. Please understand that you will be ejected from the game for unauthorized removal of my goggles within the playing, chronograph, or target areas.
  8. You must keep a paintball gun or airsoft barrel cover on the end of the barrel at all times while outside of the playing, chronograph, and target areas.
  9. Only the use of paintball or airsoft equipment approved by the field operator or owner is permitted.
  10. No use of illegal drugs or alcohol of any type before, during, or after paintball game activities on premisis.
  11. All decisions and calls of the referees and playing field officials are to followed.
  12. Playing field boundaries are marked and and you must stay within at all times while playing.
  13. Climbing of trees or other dangerous or hazardous activities not permitted.
  14. If you see or believe that another player might be injured, immediately notify an official, stop the game and assist that player.
  15. You are playing this game for fun and will refrain from foul or abusive language, and will not engage in any arguments or physical contact of any kind.
  16. You agree to abide by all applicable federal, state, and local laws governing the playing of these sports.
  17. Please understand that these rules are most important but may not be all the rules. If in doubt, please ask.